Global Expansion
Software & Services

We have decades of experience understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. In addition, we’ve designed our entire operation so that it’s relevant for the next ten years, not the last ten years.

Your Strategic Gateway
to the USA

Our experienced resources are available to act on your behalf as Strategic Gateway Consultants, helping your Inbound firm efficiently optimize its opportunities for growth here in the USA.  

Market Overview

Your needs are simple, but it seems like no one’s been listening – until now.

Over the last 10 years, businesses operating in markets with historically high customer frustration levels have, generally, innovated well.

There is therefore no good reason why it’s been so challenging to find a partner you can like and trust, and who can deliver global expansion software and services you need - a cloud-based payroll application, entity setup assistance, bookkeeping and f/x payment support, statutory compliance management, etc. - in the manner you wish to receive them, at a reasonable price.

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We are actively recruiting the best, brightest and most experienced people resources in the world to join our team. Our Mission is to make HsP the dominant and best-liked provider in this market, and ensure we are the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services.

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HsP is the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services. Need assistance supporting your international operations?