About HsP

Headquarters-based Finance, HR and Legal personnel are still searching for the one right partner to help them support all their back-office requirements, in each of their international locations. Tasks like getting a global payroll paid on time and cost effectively each month, setting up in-country entities, recurring needs like keeping a local set of books or paying overseas suppliers, understanding complex compliance requirements that vary from country to country, full HR support, and simply having a designated technical expert always available to help with the ad hoc issues that arise constantly – the list of providers who do all of this well, everywhere, and at a reasonable cost, is far too short.  Enter HsP.


Lawrence M. Harding
Founder & CEO, HsP

For more than 20 years, Larry’s customer-oriented vision for the global expansion software & services (“GESS”) market has driven the industry forward.  Now, with the launch of HsP in 2017, the market has a new provider positioned for leadership over the next 10 years and beyond.


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