Market Overview

Your needs are simple, but it seems like no one’s been listening – until now.

Over the last 10 years, businesses operating in markets with historically high customer frustration levels have, generally, innovated well (ok, maybe cable TV providers and the airlines notwithstanding).

By combining technology with a true commitment to customer success, the overall user experience today, in nearly every industry, is exponentially better than it used to be. 

Typically, new entrants into a stagnant market have disrupted things for the better. Sometimes (but not often enough!), market incumbents find religion and turn things around themselves.  Whether hailing a taxi, managing a salesforce, or developing software – it is without a doubt better to be a customer today than it was a decade ago.

There is therefore no good reason why, when trying to support their offices overseas, it’s been so challenging for HQ-based Finance, HR and Legal personnel to find a partner they can like and trust, and who can deliver world class solutions in the way they wish to receive them, at a reasonable price.

Ask anyone who’s been held accountable for the success of remote locations, and they will agree that global expansion software & services (“GESS”) solutions need to meet a completely reasonable set of table stakes criteria:

  • Intuitive, effective software and mobile apps that automate the routine functions, and thus optimize efficiencies - not only reducing costs, but making everyone’s job easier, at HQ, and in the local offices
  • Competent experts at the ready, based in the right time zone and equipped with the right knowledge, experience and communication skills, to properly support HQ-based personnel
  • An understanding that the customer experience must come first – ahead of owner, investor, or bottom-line success
  • Fixed pricing, simple billing, and no “nickel and diming”

If interested, contact us to learn more about HsP and our many offerings - and why we are the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services.