Global Expansion Software & Services

HsP is the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services. Our founding team has decades of experience understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. We’ve designed our entire operation so that it’s relevant for the next ten years, not the last ten years. Our bedrock, foundational principles are clear and unbending:

  • The 1990s ended a long time ago – many of the solutions needed to support offices overseas are, today, routine in nature, and can be provided by many alternatives. These services no longer command premium prices that pretend you must always pay exorbitantly more internationally than you do domestically for things like payroll or other basic, recurring items (you don’t).
  • Cloud-based software solutions are not a passing fad – they are how all businesses are run nowadays, even smaller ones. Most of the tasks needed to support offices overseas can (and should) be automated.
  • The customer’s satisfaction comes first – ahead of the interests of any other stakeholder. If the customer is satisfied with the quality and value they are receiving, only then can other stakeholders succeed as well.  
  • Solutions that are purchased as fixed price offerings must truly be fixed – no well the facts on the ground were slightly different excuses are acceptable. Frustrated customers rightly call this “nickel and diming”, and it should simply never happen if you are working with the right partner.
  • Where solutions can be provided by resources based in either a domestic or a lower cost location, we give our customer the option to choose which flavor they’d prefer – and we price our offering accordingly. You will never be charged a premium rate reflective of an on-shore solution, and only later learn about the tradeoffs inherent in supporting your needs out of a lower cost location.

Our offerings include a cloud-based global payroll application, an automated compliance management solution, fixed price services for keeping the local books and paying local suppliers (managed by onshore of offshore resources, your choice), insight into the tax and statutory requirements in each jurisdiction along with (of course) adherence with these obligations, full HR support, and consulting services provided only as requested, on a T&M basis, to help with the ad hoc queries that continually arise when operating overseas.

If interested in working with a partner who has moved on from the 1990s, offering better solutions and reasonable pricing to help you support your international offices, come and learn more about HsP - the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services.