Your Strategic Gateway to the USA

At HsP, we know there are many great firms around the world, large and small, who exist mainly to help US headquartered businesses expand into their own home markets. Most often, these Inbound firms have little or no presence in the USA itself however – and this can make growth a challenge.

Our experienced resources are available to act on your behalf as Strategic Gateway Consultants, advising you how to efficiently optimize your business opportunities here in the USA. Our Strategic Gateway engagements are offered on a month-to-month, quarterly, or annual basis. The goal in working with HsP, as your Strategic Gateway Consultant, is to add a high-powered Outbound element to your Inbound business, resulting in higher growth, and even more success.

Functions we typically assist with include:

  • New customer/client origination (sales)
  • Existing customer account management
  • Billable consulting and delivery personnel
  • Software developers
  • Administrative support

If you decide that hiring personnel in the USA is the right way to go, we can help you recruit, onboard, train and manage these employees. We can also serve as the employer-of-record (EoR) for these resources, on a temporary or permanent basis.  

For additional information relating to our Strategic Gateway to the USA offerings, come and learn more about HsP - the client-preferred solution for global expansion software & services.